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What is Yin-Yang?

The Chinese, in addition to inventing gunpowder and other interesting things, also defined the concept of Yin-Yang. For many centuries, they took the time to observe the events taking place in life and their patterns, and came to the conclusion that everything around is the result of the interaction of two substances — Yin (negative, cold, dark, feminine) and Yang (positive, light, warm, masculine). These opposites are in motion, interaction, struggle, and at the same time complement each other (one cannot be without the other). Therefore, there can be no victory of one over the other. And the task of a person is to maintain balance and harmony between Yin and Yang.
To make it easier to use practices in life, the Chinese described
the result of the interaction and struggle of these principles in the form of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water, from which
all the diversity of the material world arises, so it is not worth taking these elements literally by name — this is just a way to outline
the nature of the element itself.
Yin-Yang practices are aimed at helping to maintain balance and harmony in the interaction of these elements.The Chinese have been analyzing, checking and recording the results of the methods used for many centuries, this explains their
practicality in life.

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